What areas does AFOX Plumbing service?

Our office is located in Margaret River but we service much of Western Australia’s south-west corner, including Augusta, Busselton, Bunbury, Harvey, Dardanup and Nannup.

What services does AFOX Plumbing offer?

We are renowned for supplying, installing and servicing wastewater treatment systems in the Margaret River region, however, AFOX Plumbing does more than just this. Our team also provides general plumbing services for new housing and commercial projects, as well as plumbing repairs and maintenance jobs.

We also stock, install and maintain and range of plumbing products for Margaret River customers, many for wastewater treatment system repairs. These products include wastewater treatment system pumps and floats, concrete rainwater tanks and wastewater treatment system tanks.

What wastewater treatment systems do you install?

AFOX Plumbing is aligned with Taylex wastewater treatment systems and Taylex water tanks. We chose Taylex Tanks after moving to Margaret River in 2008 because they have the best name in Australia for domestic wastewater treatment systems and rainwater tanks.

What is a domestic wastewater treatment system?

Domestic wastewater treatment systems treat all the wastewater generated in a home, including water from toilets, sinks, showers, washing machines and dishwashers. The Taylex wastewater treatment systems use a natural and environmentally friendly process to produce wastewater that can be re-used on your gardens and lawns.

How does the treatment process actually work once your wastewater treatment system installation is complete?

The first step involves primary filtration, where bulkier items as well as oils and fats are removed from the effluent that makes its way to a pre-treatment chamber. Here the effluent encounters anaerobic bacteria (oxygen hating), whose job it is to use the pollutants in the water as a food source to further purify the wastewater.

The second step explains the reason these systems get the name aerated wastewater treatment system. Air is injected into the effluent to oxygenate the water and activate aerobic bacteria (oxygen loving), which rapidly break down pollutants to further assist purification.

The third step is the settling stage, where the cleaner water is undisturbed to allow any remaining pollutants to settle to the bottom. The water at the top of this chamber is discharged from the system when water enters the primary filter, starting  the process again.

The water flowing out of the final chamber passes through a UV light or chlorine tube for disinfection, before entering the wastewater treatment system pumps to be used for irrigation of gardens and lawns, completing the entire aerated wastewater treatment system process.