Blowers for wastewater treatment systems are an important component of quality effluent production. Wastewater treatment blowers ensure a constant supply of air is achieved within your aerated wastewater treatment system. Regular air supply is important for providing oxygen to bacteria that help break down organic matter.

The other advantage of blowers for wastewater treatment is their ability to automatically adjust flow requirements to feed the correct oxygen level into the system at any one time. This means that you can be confident your system is running optimally all the time with wastewater treatment blowers.

AFOX Plumbing install and service wastewater treatment system blowers for Margaret River and the south-west. Our team understands all there is to know about wastewater treatment systems for Margaret River customers, so you don’t have to. Call or come and see us and we can help you select a wastewater blower that will best suit the size and flow requirements of your water treatment system.

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