Specialist installers of Busselton wastewater treatment systems

Posted on December 21, 2017 in News

Installing Busselton wastewater treatment systems, and those further afield, is a core part of our work at AFOX Plumbing. And, because we take great pride in that work, we recommend clients aim for the top when it comes to selecting the right system for their home. That’s why Taylex, a leading Australian manufacturer of domestic...

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Margaret River, wastewater treatment systems need a little Help!

Posted on July 11, 2016 in News

If wastewater treatment systems could sing, The Beatles’ ‘Help!’ would probably be their anthem. A desperate plea of support for what is already a tough, tiring gig. The thankless task of treating homes’ dirty water is difficult enough without their owners neglecting a regular wastewater treatment system repairs and maintenance schedule. If you’re one of the lucky ones – a...

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